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Agent installation


Lab1 Agent software requires an available connection to the server (cloud or on-premises) during the installation process and administrative privileges. There are three installation methods available:

  • Standard MSI installer
  • MSI installer with MST transform, enabling installation through GPO
  • EXE installer with predefined configuration – called “One-click installer”

MSI installer

  1. Download 32 or 64-bit version of Lab1 agent from a link provided by Lab1 support
  2. Choose if you want to use Lab1 hidden or visible mode
  3. Type your Lab1 credentials (e-mail address and PIN)
  4. Check if service is running in task manager

GPO installation

1. Copy MSI and MST files to a correct path

  • Put x64.msi and x86.msi files in a location where
    – domain controller
    – workstations
    have read permissions
  • In the same location put .mst file with information to run installation package (you should have MSI and MST files from your Lab1 support team)

2. Choose domain and GPO in domain controller

  • Run Group Policy Management (e.g. ‘Run’ gpmc.msc)
  • Choose Group Policy Object, and then choose domain, where choosen workstations/users are connected and through context menu choose Edit

3. Create GPO installation policy

Using Group Policy Management Editor :

  • Choose Computer Configuration -> Polices -> Software Settings
  • Find Software Installation and choose from context menu New -> Package
    – add 2 different files: x64.msi i x86.msi
    – choose Advanced as deploy method
    – in 
    Modifications choose Add and select .mst file

    When creating the second package in the upgrades tab, GPM can automatically add entries ‘Packages that this package will upgrade’- such entries must be deleted.

    – on the tree on the left, find the Software Installation to which two installation packages have been assigned. Use the context menu on the Software Installation to select Properties. Then select the Advanced tab to deselect check boxes in the field group: 32-bit applications on 64-bit platforms

4. GPO diagnostics on a workstation

  • Select from Computer context menu – Manage. Check Windows activity logs:  Computer management -> System tools -> Event viewer -> Windows logs -> System
  • In the logs, search for events from the source: Application Management Group Policy and Group Policy

EXE installer

1. GUI version (2xclick)

  1. Download OneClickInstaller from link provided by Lab1 support
  2. Run exe file. You will see such message
  3. Click START
  4. When the process will be finished, you will see

2. Command line version (quiet mode)

  1. Download OneClickInstaller from link provided by Lab1 support
  2. Run CMD as an administrator
  3. Type “OneClickInstaller.exe quiet” to run in unattended mode. It will install Lab1 agent with no GUI interaction, with flag /norestart.

How to check installation status?

  • In the task manager, check if there is service running
  • If the service can not be found: Check if there are about 30 keys in the registry along with the values in the location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/PCL/Configuration
Updated on December 31, 2019

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