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Is Lab1 secure?

Yes. Both the cloud and on-premises solutions operate to the highest standards (including encrypted connections, the best software deploying standards, backup policy). In addition, Lab1 is software tested by the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (check Security Page).

Do we need to install Lab1 on each device separately?

No. Installation can be done with one click by the administrator. You can use the active directory with GPO to install Lab1 remotely on all chosen devices.

Does Lab1 slow down computers?

No. Lab1 service is a small application. We focus on user experience and monitor usage of CPU and RAM. We also limit resources that Lab1 can take to 300MB RAM and 10% of CPU at one moment. Administrator can check usage of resources directly from the database view.

Do we need additional agreement to be GDPR compliant?

It depends on the solution adopted – Lab1 in cloud = YES; on-premises = not always. When on-premises users need an additional agreement? It happens that at the customer’s request we make some calculations/data maintenance and then we sign a contract to entrust the processing of personal data. The only data we process in this way is the first and last name, the organizational unit and the employee’s system login.

Is it legal to collect employees passive data?

After GDPR most EU countries adopted regulations to handle with processing personal data. Although Lab1 does not collect personal data, employees should be informed about the fact that their passive data are collected and how you want to use it. We support our customers in the whole communication process.


Do you help to analyze the data?

Yes. We care about the client’s business success, therefore, despite specializing in providing information, we also help in its interpretation or verification of the drawn conclusions. For more demanding clients, we provide full consulting services (details in the quote).